mike hughes


About me

Since my first job in the computer labs at university in 1997, I've been involved in all levels of the industry including software development, network design and management, security, systems administration, sales and project management.

A fan of virtualization and "the cloud" in general, I've been working with these technologies since VMWare was first released in 1999. Since then, I've worked with all of their current products, as well as Amazon Web Services, VirtualBox, Microsoft HyperV, oVirt, QEMU and Xen, as well as container solutions using Docker and Kubernetes. I feel this is an amazing area of tech development which still has years of surprises in store for us.

I've worked with most variants of the major operating systems: Microsoft (Windows 3 to Windows 10), Apple (OS7 to OSX) and Linux (Slackware 2 to Ubuntu 16.10), and also have experience with many other platforms ranging from the Rasperry Pi to IBM i.

My experiences in network and application security have included managing an international network of heterogeneous technologies, setting up various secure, private network links (MPLS, IPSEC, SSL, PPTP), designing and developing web services to securely transmit sales data and recently, writing a password hashing and authentication library, and experimenting with concurrent, lock-free data structures in Google's Go language.

Although I've recently been developing mostly in Go, I also have some experience in C, C++, C#, PHP, Python, Perl and Ruby. I've also written many various utilities as Windows (and DOS) batch files or Unix (Linux and OSX) shell scripts.

In my free time I like to code, ski, climb, ride bikes and make music.

Sabbatical Notice!
I'm currently taking some time off to pursue some projects, and only accepting clients by referral, but if you have something you feel may be of interest, feel free to send me an email and I'll get back to you.